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Welcome! If you’re a writer, then we share a passion for expressing those thoughts that rumble around in our heads until we put them on paper. If your passion is writing for children, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m a children’s author who has been in the traditional kidlit publishing business for over 15 years. I’ve just started a YouTube channel to help share the things I’ve learned, and continue to learn, along my publishing path in order to help more writers out there. I’ll update here when I post new videos. I hope you’ll find them helpful, and hope that you’ll reach out to join my writing community! To view my videos, full of tricks, tips and content on working in the kidlit world, go here:

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Video: Becoming an Author; Four Steps to Begin! ~ Begin doing these four things today to begin moving toward becoming a published author. These writing tips apply to those interested in being traditionally published, and those who want to self publish. Get started today! #Kidlit #amwriting #writingcommunity #childrenauthor #writingtips

Video: Becoming an Author: Children’s Board Book Overview ~ Interested in writing a children’s book? This video is for you! First in a series about children’s book genres, here we look at books published for the youngest readers–board books. #kidlit #Becominganauthor #amwriting #writingcommunity #children’sbookwriting #writingtips

Video: Writing a Children’s Book – Picture Book Overview – Looking at Genres ~ Second in my series on children’s book genres, we do a quick overview of picture books, including word counts, page length, and writing tips. #amwriting #kidlit #PictureBooks #writingcommunity #writing tips

Video: Six Tricks for Surviving Rejection for Writers – Writing Children’s Books – Writing Tips ~ Rejection is one of the toughest things writers deal with. Use these 6 tricks to survive the dreaded rejection letter! #kidlit #amwriting #rejection #writingtips

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